Northern Districts v Central Districts, Final, Super Smash

Super Smash , February 17, 2019
Northern Districts
*80/10 (14.4)
Central Districts
147/8 (20)
Central D won by 67 runs
Central Districts inningCD inn.147/8 (20 ov)
George Workerc TL Seifert b KJ Abbott13152086.66
c TL Seifert b KJ Abbott
Will Youngc TL Seifert b KJ Abbott02000.00
c TL Seifert b KJ Abbott
Dean Foxcroftc & b TG Southee635072126.00
c & b TG Southee
Tom Bruce (C)c TL Seifert b IS Sodhi10141071.42
c TL Seifert b IS Sodhi
Kieran Noema-Barnettc NF Kelly b MJ Santner9610150.00
c NF Kelly b MJ Santner
Dane Cleaver (WK)c TL Seifert b IS Sodhi450080.00
c TL Seifert b IS Sodhi
Doug Bracewellc DR Flynn b MJ Santner9701128.57
c DR Flynn b MJ Santner
Adam MilneNot out141120127.27
Not out
Seth Rancec DG Brownlie b DJ Mitchell4310133.33
c DG Brownlie b DJ Mitchell
Ajaz PatelNot out12710171.42
Not out
Extra9 (b 0, w 4, nb 0, lb 5)
Total147/8 (20)
Tim Southee403318.25
Kyle Abbott402927.25
Scott Kuggeleijn412005.00
Ish Sodhi403027.50
Mitchell Santner302327.66
Daryl Mitchell10717.00
Fall of wickets: 1-9 (WA Young - 1.2 ov), 2-24 (GH Worker - 3.6 ov), 3-74 (TC Bruce - 10.6 ov), 4-90 (K Noema-Barnett - 12.5 ov), 5-99 (D Cleaver - 14.3 ov), 6-112 (D Foxcroft - 15.5 ov), 7-115 (DAJ Bracewell - 16.4 ov), 8-120 (SHA Rance - 17.3 ov)
Northern Districts inningND inn.80/10 (14.4 ov)
Tim Seifert (WK)c D Cleaver b DAJ Bracewell181611112.50
c D Cleaver b DAJ Bracewell
Nick Kellyb AF Milne471057.14
b AF Milne
Dean Brownlie (C)c GH Worker b DAJ Bracewell151510100.00
c GH Worker b DAJ Bracewell
Daryl Mitchellc TC Bruce b AY Patel5510100.00
c TC Bruce b AY Patel
Corey Andersonc DAJ Bracewell b BM Tickner280025.00
c DAJ Bracewell b BM Tickner
Mitchell Santnerc DAJ Bracewell b SHA Rance13181172.22
c DAJ Bracewell b SHA Rance
Daniel Flynnc WA Young b AY Patel7301233.33
c WA Young b AY Patel
Scott Kuggeleijnc WA Young b AF Milne8710114.28
c WA Young b AF Milne
Tim Southeec DAJ Bracewell b AY Patel06000.00
c DAJ Bracewell b AY Patel
Kyle Abbottc D Cleaver b AF Milne01000.00
c D Cleaver b AF Milne
Ish SodhiNot out120050.00
Not out
Extra7 (b 0, w 5, nb 0, lb 2)
Total80/10 (14.4)
Seth Rance302117.00
Adam Milne2.401234.50
Doug Bracewell311023.33
Ajaz Patel302438.00
Blair Tickner301113.66
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (NF Kelly - 1.4 ov), 2-32 (TL Seifert - 4.5 ov), 3-39 (DJ Mitchell - 5.6 ov), 4-48 (DG Brownlie - 8.1 ov), 5-48 (CJ Anderson - 9.2 ov), 6-63 (DR Flynn - 10.5 ov), 7-73 (MJ Santner - 12.3 ov), 8-78 (TG Southee - 13.5 ov), 9-79 (SC Kuggeleijn - 14.1 ov), 10-80 (KJ Abbott - 14.4 ov)
Man of the Match
Match Details
2019-02-17 03:10 AM
Seddon Park, Hamilton
Central Districts won the toss & elected to bat
  • Chris Brown
  • Wayne Knights
Tv Umpires
  • Shaun Haig
Match Referee
  • Gary Baxter